How to enable comments & rating

Publishing and monitoring customer experience will help you gain the trust of new customers and better engage with your community. In 2 clicks, allow your customer to share their feedback!



Activate comments & rating from the Customize menu of the product web page.



Visitors must log in to share their comments. Make sure they are able to do so (see Portal documentation).

Review the posts in real time

Whenever a post is published, the product manager and all the product followers get notified in their Inbox (Discuss menu).



By default the user who created the product is automatically set as follower.

Click the product name to open the detail form and review the comment (in the product discussion thread).


Moderate & unpublish

You can easily moderate by using the chatter, either in the product detail form or on the web page.

To unpublish the post, open the product web page and click the Published button to turn it red (Unpublished).


You can access the web page from the detail form by clicking the Published smart button (and vice versa).