Connect a screen

In CoquiAPPs, an IoT Box can be connected to a screen display. After being connected, the screen can be used to display a PoS order to a client.

An example of a PoS (point of sale) order on a screen display.


Access the customer display from any other computer by going to the IoT Box homepage and clicking on the POS Display button.


The way to connect the screen display to the IoT Box differs depending on the model.

Connect up to two screens with Micro-HDMI cables on the side of the IoT Box. If two screens are connected, they can display distinct content (see usage below).


Screen(s) should be connected before the IoT Box is switched on. If it is already on, connect the screen(s), and then restart the IoT Box by unplugging it and plugging it back into its power source.


The usage of HDMI/Micro-HDMI adapters may cause issues which will result in a blank, black screen on the screen display. Cable usage is recommended.

If the connection was successful, the screen should display the POS Client display screen.

The default "POS Client Display" screen that appears when a screen display is successfully connected to an IoT Box.

The screen should also appear in the list of Displays on the IoT Box homepage.

An example of a screen display name shown on the IoT Box homepage.


If no screen is detected, a default display named Distant Display will be used instead.

The "Distant Display" screen name will be used if no screen is detected.


Show Point of Sales orders to customers

To use the screen in the Point of Sale app, go to Point of Sale ‣ Configuration ‣ Point of Sale, open the desired screen, click on Edit, and enable the IoT Box Devices feature.

Now, select IoT Box in the drop-down menu and choose the screen in the Customer Display option. Then, click Save.

Connect the screen display to the Point of Sale app.

The screen is now available for PoS sessions. A “screen” icon will appear in the top bar to inform the connection status with the screen.

The "screen" icon on the Point of Sale display shows the connection status with the screen.

The screen will automatically show the PoS orders and update when changes are performed on the order.

An example of a PoS order on a screen display.

Display a website

Opening the screen form view at IoT ‣ Devices ‣ (screen device) allows the user to choose a particular website URL to display on the screen with the Screen URL field.