Manage product variants

Product variants are used to offer variations of the same product to your customers on the product’s page.

Let’s say one of your customers selects a T-shirt from your product catalog.

Then, they choose the size and color they want. The various size and color combinations are known as product variants.

Create attributes & variants

In order to create various attributes and variants for your products, you first need to turn on Variants in Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings.

Then, select a product from the Products list (Sales / Website ‣ Products ‣ Products). When the product detail form opens, click on Edit, and go to the Variants tab.

Here, you can add as many different attributes as you’d like by clicking on Add a line.

These attributes appear as three different types:

  • Radio buttons

  • Color buttons

  • Drop-down menu

Several variants appear as soon as there are two values for one attribute.

Don’t forget to hit Save once all variants have been entered.

ecommerce product variants values

Edit variants

After you hit Save, you are able to see all the variants from the product template detail form via the Variants smart button.

ecommerce product variants smart button

Clicking the Variants smart button takes you to the Product Variants page, where you can edit the following data for each specific variant:

  • Picture(s)

  • Internal Reference (SKU #)

  • Barcode

  • Volume

  • Weight

  • Cost


Both the Barcode and the Internal Reference are variant-specific. You need to populate them once the variants are generated.

Set specific prices per variant

You can set a specific public price per variant by clicking on Configure Variants in the product detail form (top-left corner). That takes you to the Product Variant Values page for that product.

ecommerce product variants configure variants

To set a specific public price for a particular variant, simply click on the variant you want to modify, then click on Edit.

The Value Price Extra field represents the monetary value that is added to the original product price whenever the corresponding attribute value is selected.

ecommerce value price extra

This is how the Value Price Extra looks on your website:

ecommerce value price extra on the frontend


Pricelist formulas let you set advanced price computation methods for product variants. See Adapt prices to website visitors.

Disable/archive variants

You can disable/archive specific variants so they are no longer available in quotes or on your website (not existing in your stock, deprecated, etc.). Simply select Archive in their detail form. You can reactivate them the same way.

ecommerce product variants archive

To retrieve such items, hit Archived in the Filters category while searching the variants list.

ecommerce product variants archive search

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