Invoice digitization with optical character recognition (OCR)

Invoice digitization is the process of automatically encoding traditional paper invoices into vendor bills and customer invoices forms in your accounting.

CoquiAPPs uses OCR and artificial intelligence technologies to recognize the content of the documents. Vendor bills and customer invoices forms are automatically created and populated based on the scanned invoices.


  • The more documents you scan, the better the system identifies the correct data.


In Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Digitalization, check the box Document Digitalization and choose whether Vendor Bills and Customer Invoices should be processed automatically or manually.

The Single Invoice Line Per Tax option can also be selected. It enables to get only one line created per tax in the new bill, regardless of the number of lines from the invoice.

Invoice upload

Upload invoices manually

From the Accounting Dashboard, click on the Upload button of your vendor bills journal. Alternatively, go to Accounting ‣ Customers ‣ Invoices or Accounting ‣ Vendors ‣ Bills and select Upload.

Upload invoices using an email alias

You can configure your connected scanner to send scanned documents to an email alias. Emails sent to these aliases are converted into new draft customer invoices or vendor bills.

You can modify the email alias of a journal by going to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Journals, opening the appropriate journal, opening the Advanced Settings tab, and modifying the Email Alias field.

If you use the Documents app, you can send your scanned invoices to the Finance workspace (e.g.,

Invoice digitization

According to your settings, the document is either processed automatically, or you need to click on Send for digitalization to do it manually.

Once the data is extracted from the PDF, you can correct it if necessary by clicking on the respective tags (available in Edit mode) and selecting the proper information instead.


The invoice digitization is an In-App Purchase (IAP) service that requires prepaid credits to work. Digitizing one document consumes one credit.
To buy credits, go to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Digitization and click on Buy credits, or go to Settings ‣ CoquiAPPs IAP and click on View My Services.


  • If you are on CoquiAPPs Online and have the Enterprise version, you benefit from free trial credits to test the feature.

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